Jackpot: €50000
Total players: 499
Total draws: 93
Last draw: 14 Dec 2019
Won players: 20
Amount won: €219.05
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Lots of prizes
Jackpot, mini-prizes and more

With new draws of the lottery the jackpot and mini-prizes can be won. Consolation prizes can be won even with zero balance!

Easy to join and play
Join once, play for life

To play in this lottery, only a free bonus card from a partner business is needed. Just one card means you can play for lifetime.

Frequent draws
Don't wait long to win

Lottery draws (cycles) are conducted as often as possible to avoid long waiting. Frequent draws are increasing chances to win.

Prize payouts
Quick and easy payout of the win

It is easy to receive your win: by bank, electronic currencies such as Paypal, Qiwi etc. as well as crypto-currencies.

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