Jackpot: €50000
Total players: 501
Total draws: 132
Last draw: 05 Jul 2020
Won players: 21
Amount won: €259.01
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MB Lottery Rules

What is MBLotto

MBLotto is a cycled and no-player-action lottery, which means that players don't need to take any action to play and win in the draws. The whole process is automatical and the only requirement is to have enough funds in the player's balance.

Who can play

Any registered player who has an account and sufficient funds in it.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost of one draw (cycle) is 3 Euro. This amount is deducted from the player's balance automatically at each round of the lottery.

How often

The lottery draws take place regularly, where the periods may change based on the number of players and the size of the primary prize, but not less often than once a week.

Primary and mini-prizes

The primary prize (jackpot) can be won by only one player in a cycle. The amount of such primary prize is fixed for each cycle and always shown on the lotto website. Secondary prizes may vary in number and amount for every cycle, and they only become known after the current lottery draw (cycle) is completed.

The primary and secondary prizes are paid out immediately to the player within 7 business days after the win.

Consolation prizes

In addition to the primary prize (jackpot) and secondary prizes, some players may win consolation prizes. Such prizes range from 0,01 to 12 Euro and may be assigned randomly from 10 to 50% of all players. The consolation prizes are accrued to the player balance and can further be used to play. No payout of a consolation prize to the player is possible.

Good news for players! A certain percentage of players can play in each lottery cycle EVEN with zero player balance! This makes MBLotto a lifetime lottery, meaning that if you joined it and played just once - you will never be forgotten and will have chances to win the Jackpot even if your player's balance is used up.


The players are notified about the draw results via all available electronic channels such as email, mobile application notifications etc. Such notification may contain the following info:

  • Date and time of the draw that took place
  • Whether the jackpot was won and by which player;
  • Winning players with secondary and consolation prizes;
  • Total amount distributed as winnings in this cycle.

How to add balance?

There is ONE way how to add funds to your balance - use a bonus certificate. More information about where to get such a certificate can be found in the player's account.
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